3D gift watch "Lifebuoy"


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When choosing a gift, our "lifebuoy" is your salvation. The caption and photo can be replaced by the clock. Classic Wall Clock for office and home
Wall clock for home and office (in the hall and living room)

Classic is considered to be a classic symmetrical watch (a circle and a square) with marked marks and numbers for easy perception and fast time determination. There are a variety of design and price wall clocks for office home in the hall or living room. They will set the style, help create and preserve the comfort of the house and the quiet atmosphere. Wall clocks for home, office create a cozy and good mood for its inhabitants. If such watches hang on the wall, then your customers or guests will necessarily pay attention to them. Such a clock is easy to read and it's easy to determine the time in 2 seconds.


The weight 0.8 kg