Bustle and Light and Energy

This photo tour won’t take you into the bustle and light and energy of the sea, but it’s not a bad second best — until the next visit.

I Feel at Home Here

I’ve discovered that I feel at home here. It’s not where you want me to be. I’ll always miss you.

Bright California

I have found colorful art and comforting music. I have found a complicated history and an even more complicated future. I would do anything to return.

All the Sunny days

I have discovered a hidden treasure. While I was shooting a project inthe beach, I heard there was a helicopter available. I hired him, took off the door, and asked him to show me something beautiful.

Nothing Can Stop Us

I was in Pakistan in 2009 for a filming assignment, and when it was over, my friend and I stayed there for 3 weeks to travel. To be less conspicuous, we had grown rather thick beards before the trip, and had acquired some salwar-kameez (traditional Muslim clothing).

Traveling the World

To enhance this landscape photo, Cole balanced the exposure by brightening the shadows and darkening the highlights.

Beyond The Horizon

“Beyond the Horizon has been an incredible journey,” said. “I have long been intrigued by the intersection of these fields, and being able to merge multiple interests of mine has been a fascinating process.”

Time Goes By

One of photography’s most powerful tools is its ability to create a tangible record or memory of who we were and who we have become.

New Ways of Learning

When I began my career 25 years ago, there were only a few options. You could learn photography at a university or technical college, you could complete an apprenticeship or internship with a photographer, or you could teach yourself through trial and error and by studying the work of other photographers. I combined all three of these techniques and found a way that worked really well for me.