Stories Learned From Animals

People are complicated. Animals are simple. Within a few weeks of adopting my first dog last year, I realized that getting a pet brings the most predictable and guaranteed form of love there is.

I Feel at Home Here

I’ve discovered that I feel at home here. It’s not where you want me to be. I’ll always miss you.

Bright California

I have found colorful art and comforting music. I have found a complicated history and an even more complicated future. I would do anything to return.

All the Sunny days

I have discovered a hidden treasure. While I was shooting a project inthe beach, I heard there was a helicopter available. I hired him, took off the door, and asked him to show me something beautiful.

Another At Home

Not So Far Away

Though I know the Atacama Forest is in South America, I imagine it as the moonscape of another planet. I think about my journey across this giant plateau in moments of silence and walk out into the salt flats in my dreams.

One Person Job

One Person Job

Serendipity. I am a very spiritual person, and I try to let that guide my photography and storytelling as much as possible. I have found that when you approach subjects or locations with a respect and a genuine interest in the culture, serendipitous, soulful moments find you.

Beyond The Horizon

Beyond The Horizon

“Beyond the Horizon has been an incredible journey,” said. “I have long been intrigued by the intersection of these fields, and being able to merge multiple interests of mine has been a fascinating process.”

Time Goes By

Time Goes By

One of photography’s most powerful tools is its ability to create a tangible record or memory of who we were and who we have become.